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Get to know us with some FAQ's

Are you insured and bonded?

Green Mountain Pet Professionals carries full business general & professional liability insurance and bonding since 2005 through Kennel Pro.  We have been in business for 17 years and have never had a claim.

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Do you board pets?

No, we do not provide boarding services.  We do a routine of drop-in visits to provide care in your home.  If you are looking for boarding, try POGO on Browns Trace Rd in Jericho (802)899-2563 

Do you stay overnight in homes with pets?

No,  The pets stay overnight alone.  We usually visit first thing in the morning, in the evening, and throughout the day as needed.

I have several different pets.  Do you charge a per pet fee?

We charge by the time it takes for us to do our job.  As long as all the pets can be cared for in the time frame scheduled, there is no additional fee.

I have plants and a garden.  Would you water them while I am away?

Sure!  We love plants and would be happy to care for them during our visit.  There is no additional fee if the tasks can be fit into the time scheduled.   We can also do other household tasks like putting out the trash, grabbing the mail, and security checks of the home.

I'm traveling during the winter, will you shovel snow if it storms?

We will do our best to keep a path shoveled to the house so we can get in, but we do not do extensive snow shoveling.  If you want your driveway maintained while you are away, please make arrangements for snow removal service with someone.

Do you have references?

We have received quite a few Facebook reviews over the years.  Click the link to view them.  We do not give our clients personal information out for references.



Do you care for aggressive pets?

We have worked with many pets with behavioral issues and usually overcome them.   If your pet has a history of biting, injuring, or serious aggression towards people, this service is probably not the best option for you.  We have a lot of pets to care for each day and getting injured is not an option.

Do you care for outdoor cats?

When you leave your cat outside, we have no control over what can happen to them.  If your cat goes outdoors, it is best to bring them inside when you travel.  

My town is not listed in the area you service.  Would you make an exception?

We have tried to cover all of Chittenden County for many years.  It is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming for us to drive all over.  Going forward, we prefer to stick closer to our home in Underhill.  This way we can serve more pets and spend fewer hours each week driving.   If your town borders one of the areas we service, we may make an exception. It is best to find a pet sitter that is local to you.

My family member or friend is staying at my house when I travel, but I still want you to come to take care of my pets while they are there.  Will you do this?

We prefer to be the only people visiting your pets when you travel.  We have cared for pets in this type of scenario many times in the past.  Issues or problems often arise.  We can't be responsible for what happens to your home or pets when someone else is staying in your home.  It is also quite awkward going into your home to do our job with a stranger there.  We are a professional service.  We want to do a professional job.  Let us know your situation, but prefer to be the only care provider when you travel.  

Do you also care for farm animals?

We are happy to provide food, water, and light care to your chickens, goats, and other farm animals.  We can put them in at night and let them out in the morning.  Farm animals are not our specialty, but we provide light care as long as they are cooperative. 



Are you comfortable being on security cameras when doing pet care?


Sure.   Most homes have some sort of security these days and we don't even notice.  We prefer that you let us know if this is the case.   

Do you have employees?

No.  There are just the two of us, Andy & Martin.  We are both owners and fully committed to providing excellent care and loving your pets like our own.

Do you administer medications to pets?

We are not veterinary technicians but can administer meds, as directed by a veterinarian, to your pets as long as they are cooperative and comfortable with us doing so.

I'm interested in your services!  What is the next step?

Terrific!  Send us an email or website reply with your general location, pet care needs, and dates, if you have them.  We will get back in touch as soon as we can to discuss it further with you,  If it seems like a match, we will get you set up in our online system and send you over login information.  You can activate your account with us and enter your information.  We will review it and be in touch to set up an in-person initial consultation to go over your pet care needs, answer questions, and come up with a final care plan for your pets.

What happens at the initial consultation?

We meet up in person and go over everything we will be responsible for when caring for your pet.

  • Food & water dish location and feeding instructions

  • Medical conditions & medication instructions

  • Favorite toys. games, activities

  • Where to put scooped litter and full poop bags

  • Plant watering and care instructions

  • Mailbox, newspaper, and package delivery instructions

  • Getting to know you, your pet, and the usual care routine

  • Anything else you think we need to know while caring for your pet & home

What if my pet needs to go to the vet while I am away?

If your pet feels under the weather when you are away from home, we would contact you immediately to discuss what is wrong.  If you decide that the pet needs veterinary care, we will of course take them.  We would ask you to call and set up the appointment, let the veterinarian know that we will be bringing your pet in, and make payment arrangements with your veterinarian.  We could stay with your pet if time allowed, but we may have other pets to care for.  If we had to leave your pet off at the veterinarian and go back to work, we would pick them up and bring them home when they are ready.

I see your dog Manny does buddy walks with other dogs.  Does he get paid for his work?

Yes!  Manny works every weekday and sometimes on weekends.  He gets a salary of 3 bully sticks, a package of Cabot chicken parmesan sticks, and a bag of Charlie Bear chicken/apple/pumpkin treats every Thursday for his hard work. 

What type of security check of my home do you provide when visiting while I am away?

We do a walkthrough of your house during each visit. During our walkthrough, we go into the rooms in which the pets have access. Any doors that were closed upon our arrival will remain closed while we’re there. We check to make sure that everything in your home is the way it was upon our first visit. We check for pet messes and anything else that is out of the ordinary. 

We look and listen for items such as:

  • Running water or broken pipes

  • Anything out of place

  • Anything knocked over or broken

  • Signs of a pet being sick

  • Signs a pet got into something

  • Check doors to confirm they are locked

What hours do you provide visits?

We do visits as early as 6am and as late as 10pm.

When dog walking, do you mix dogs from different homes?

We normally just walk dogs together from the same home.   If your dog is friendly with other dogs and would benefit from a companion, we offer buddy walks with another friendly dog in your general area.

Are you vaccinated for COVID-19?


Yes!  We are both fully vaccinated and boosted in October 2021.

Do you charge extra on holidays?

On Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year's Day there is a $3 extra holiday surcharge per visit.  There is no extra charge for any other holidays.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer you pay through our online portal with a bank account or credit card.  If you wish to pay with another form of payment, let us know and we can discuss it further.

Will you keep me informed on how things go with my pets and home while I am away?

Yes!  Our online system will send you daily detailed reports with pictures for your peace of mind.  If there are any issues while you are away, we will contact you immediately.  You will regularly be informed how your pets are doing with the routine of care.  Great communication is key, so you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing your pets are in safe & capable hands.

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